Our Services

Top quality data. Rapid deployment. Cost effectiveness

Our goal is simple. Achieve the best possible outcomes for clinical trials.

We  provide the highest level of services required to obtain the most clinically meaningful cognitive, behavioral and functional outcome measures. From study design and staff training through data management and statistical analysis, we combine extensive clinical experience with our cutting edge technology to maximize study outcomes and make clinical trials more likely to succeed.


Expert implementation of cognitive assessments in clinical trials

Choosing the right assessments and measures to be included in a clinical trial is not trivial. Off-the-shelf assessments may not always be optimal for use with the specific study population, trial setting, etc. Accurate characterization of the study population and the desired outcomes is essential and allows for the selection of only the most appropriate assessments.

An optimized assessment schedule is crucial in order to reach the required study objectives. At ZindaMetriX we assist the development of optimal study designs, skillfully tailored to the objectives of the specific trial.

ZindaMetriX provides high quality training and certification of raters and staff in assessment administration and scoring.

Extracting the maximum value from the data requires a robust statistical analysis plan. ZindaMetriX provides expert advice to assist the development of optimal statistical analysis plans, ensuring the most valuable information is extracted from the data.

Data Management

Cutting edge data management capabilities

It’s all about high quality data. Generating the data is just the first step. Implementing the highest quality pipeline for data management is essential: Ensuring all data is transferred in a timely manner to a centralised and secure database, validating all data files, running stringent quality control procedures, correcting errors, processing files, producing digested summary files and locking data… ZindaMetriX has extensive expertise providing data management services throughout the life time of clinical trials.

Combining years of expertise together with front-line technologies, ZindaMetriX offers the highest standard of quality control processes, ensuring all data are validated and ‘cleaned’ before being used for statistical analysis.

Data files can contain large amounts of raw data that are not always easy to interpret and utilise. After passing our stringent quality control procedures, we process and digest the raw data, and produce summary files that contain only the most meaningful outcome variables- ready for use in the statistical analysis.