Our Products

Clinic-based and remote assessment solutions

Developed specifically for the pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries ZindaMetriX platforms streamline both remote and clinic-based assessments

Zinda Cloud

  • Flexible Study management tools
  • Extensive database capabilities
  • Ultimate data management & quality control tools

Zinda Clinic

Assessment administration and data management all in one secure location…

Zinda Mobile

Remote data collection from mobile devices at the comfort of one’s living room…

Zinda Mobile

The remote assessment solution

Multiple devices

  • Downloadable to any Android or iOS mobile device.
  • Able to support data flow between multiple mobile devices and Zinda’s servers.

Cutomize and manage

  • Can be customized to your needs and can incorporate 3rd party assessments, forms, questionnaires etc.
  • All assessments accessible from a single location for participant ease of use.

Sync and integrate

  • Can be synced with external devices used to collect sensory data, e.g., heart rate, sleep patterns, etc., allowing extensive clinically-valuable information to be integrated into Zinda Mobile datasets, and then securely transferred to ZindaMetriX’s servers.

Monitoring and alerts

  • Allows real-time notifications and alerts regarding potential or real adverse events.
  • Interacts with ZindaMetriX’s web service to send and receive data.

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Zinda Cloud

Connect, Collect & Analyze

Design and monitor your study with Zinda Cloud with ultimate flexibility and adaptability.

ZindaMetriX doesn’t provide a fix set of clinical software, but a set of tools for designing your own study.

Your One and Only entry point to remotely manage your participants, devices, data and more.

Benefits of the ZindaMetriX platform

Dynamic study
configuration and management

  • Dynamic adjustment of study and visit structure, assessment order, etc., to accommodate for protocol amendments.
  • Centralized monitoring of site and participant activity.
  • Document posting and sharing- SOPs, training materials, etc.

Remote data monitoring
and quality control

A comprehensive set of data management tools to streamline data collection and quality control (QC) processes:

  • QC reports
  • Query management and direct communication with raters, CRA’s, etc.
  • Data summaries and data locks for reconciled data


Questionnaire and assessment items can be set to trigger an alert when pre-defined values are identified. Real-time notifications can be sent by SMS and email to study personnel, flagging critical incidents or severe adverse events, and prompting necessary action.

Secure, automatic
transmission of data

All data are encrypted and transmitted directly to ZindaMetriX’s secure database.


Developed in accordance with the GAMP-5 guidelines. Meets regulatory compliance requirements for drug approval, including FDA’s Title 21 CFR Part 11.

Zinda Clinic

The clinic-based assessment solution

Fully customisable to the requirements of your study, Zinda Clinic enables you to collect, manage and QC data in preparation for analyses.

Designed for use on a laptop or tablet device.

Data collection

  • Manage all assessments and tasks through Zinda Clinic for windows.
  • Launch tasks from a centralized display.
  • Can include explanatory statements, informed consent forms, questionnaires, cognitive tests, checklists, and more.
  • Customizable. Flexible. Adaptable.

Secure storage

All data are encrypted and securely transferred to Zinda Cloud’s centralized servers.

Data management

  • Data is stored in a centralized database and is accessible through the Zinda Cloud website.
  • Versatile data management tools for efficient data QC and reconciliation.
  • Query management system, audit trails, QC reports for identifying missing or incomplete data, and more.