About Us

Our scientists and clinicians, with decades of cumulative knowledge and expertise, are dedicated to understanding cognition and behavior and improving health and well-being.

Our IT wizards get up every morning with a passion for innovation and impact.

Together, we work tirelessly to make the development of new brain-disease therapies more likely to succeed.

Our leadership team

Julie Stout

Julie C Stout PhD is a cognitive neuroscientist and clinical neuropsychologist with more than 25 years of experience in academic research in progressive neurodegenerative diseases in the US and Australia. She has consulted for numerous clinical trials and served on several advisory boards for a range of sponsors working on Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and more. She co-founded Stout Neuropsych in 2014, and Zindametrix in 2017 to facilitate the implementation of evidence-based cognitive assessments in clinical trials.

Kian (Mehdi) Davoodi
Software and Data Engineering

Kian is a Software and Data Engineer with over 15 years of experience in software development, database design, data management, analysis and modelling as well as developing data collection and transformation applications and systems. He is passionate about data and the use of statistics, mathematics and machine learning to maximize what can be obtained from data and understand how data can be used to benefit people.

Noam Gordon
Product and Strategy

Noam Gordon PhD is a clinical neuropsychologist with over 15 years of extensive management experience. He holds a B.Sc in physics and biology, an M.A. in clinical neuropsychology and a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. He has over 10 years of clinical experience working with pediatric and adult populations. He is passionate about harnessing the power of innovative technology to enhance our understanding of cognition and behavior.

Christophe Pourchot
IT and architecture

Christophe is an IT leader with over 15 years of experience in technology and development. He specialized in healthcare and clinical research with a track record of development through to commercialization.

Merima Murathodzic
Training and certifications

Merima is a clinical neuropsychologist with nine years of experience in clinical trials, including study coordination, and examiner training. She has overseen training and certification of hundreds of examiners worldwide.

Martin Stone
Finance and Accounting

Martin is an experienced financial officer, with six years of experience in the clinical trial sector and >25 years of experience in medical science.

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